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Sleep Training Toddler Twins

It’s been so long since I’ve even thought about sleep training. Most of my friends are already on their 3-4th baby and I’ve already given them the Sleep Lady book. Remember to use room darkening or black out curtains. Find … Continue reading

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Houston Area Moms of Multiples

I love looking back on how I handled situations relating to my pregnancy and birth. I wish that I’d joined my local MoM, Moms of Multiples much earlier. Friends who actually understand what you are going through, moms night out, and the best buy and sell page you’ll ever see! Continue reading

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Potty Training Twins at 20 months

I think the best way to begin this epic tale of pee and poo is at cloth diapers. We were using toddler sized prefolds and Flip covers at 16mo, and that was when Squish started informing me of his “PEE!”. … Continue reading

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A twin pregnancy is lonely

Tonight I went to a La Leche League (find them on FB under Greater Bay Area LLL Group) meeting in Pearland to help some BAMOMs (Bay Area Moms of Multiples). One Momma with 7wk old twins and one who is … Continue reading

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Tandem Babywearing Toddler Twins

In previous posts about tandem babywearing twins, you’ve seen my size 7 wrap my boring camel colored Ergos, and my Catbird Pikkolo and linen ring sling. When the boys were 11 months old, I went to the Houston Natural Parenting … Continue reading

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Tandem Wearing Twins with Ring Sling and SSC

So we tried out a new tandem carry a while back. It made for a great photo but it confirmed just how much a hate ring slings. It made me feel like a t-rex “I have little arms” (see video … Continue reading

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Toddler Busy Box Feed the Animals

Ok, so they aren’t actually bags, but that is the most common name for these sensory, Reggio Emilia, Montessori, open ended play, educational, and creative inspired toys. A friend of mine was given one of these from her Mother-in-Law and … Continue reading

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