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Best of the Best for Twins

These are the items that I would have invented, if they weren’t already on the market AND had I been so inclined, so I have no problem recommending it to you (and using my affiliate link). Amazon will pay me … Continue reading

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I’m worried

I’m worried that I’ll never be able to express enough gratitude to my children, for the small conveniences they provide for me. This is a perfect example. Some unknown, super thoughtful child knew just how taxing it is when you … Continue reading

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Punish Mom for Fun

I feel like a pretty strict Momma. With a 9yr old and two 4yr olds, my kids do 90% of the dishes. They clean up their toys, they eat what the restaurant serves (no chicken nuggets when everyone else is … Continue reading

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Best of the Best Balance Bikes

My Mother-in-Law bought our boys balance bikes for Christmas when they were 22mo old. I rolled my eyes.  I thought these were the goofiest things I’d ever heard of. So, I didn’t push them to ride them. They also had … Continue reading

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Garbage Man Costume DIY

This kid thinks that garbage trucks are awesome. He is friends with our regular garbage man AND the ones who fill in on his day off. They all know his name. They blow their horn when they get to our … Continue reading

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Best Quiet Play Toys

Quiet Play first started in our house when the twins were 2yrs old. I was visiting a fellow twin friend who has NINE KIDS. Our combined 12 children had played so nicely but they started to get a little too … Continue reading

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Sleep Training Toddler Twins

It’s been so long since I’ve even thought about sleep training twins. Most of my friends are already on their 3-4th baby and I’ve already given them the Sleep Lady book. Remember to use room darkening or black out curtains. … Continue reading

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