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Twin Baby Shower!

This shower was an elephant theme and was so super cute, I had to share.

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Negotiating the price of a car with contractions

My darling new, 6mo old Subaru Outback won’t fit 3 carseats. Sigh. Yes, I know I could do an SUV with 3 rows. For my own sanity, I decided on a minivan. Being a “car chick” I’ve always said that … Continue reading

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31wk twin ultrasound and checkup

On my way to the appointment I felt so nauseous, seriously thought I was going to vomit. Ultrasound tech starts with Baby A and says ok, we have a butt down here and a head up here. I said no, … Continue reading

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Sleeping while pregnant with twins

I know I need to update the medical stuff, but that will be the next post. This is just a little complaining about twin pregnancy aches and pains! It’s 9:47pm and I’m panicking, just like I do every night. Every … Continue reading

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Accidently passing my 1hr Gestational Diabetes test!!!

Read about my pre gestational diabetes test diet So day of the GD test came. I had eaten 2 eggs for dinner the night before and the same for breakfast the next morning. No toast, no milk, no cereal. This … Continue reading

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