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Twins 37+3wks “The Plan”

Ultrasound showed another increase in fluid for E. He is still transverse. This is where it gets tough for me. I’ve spent so much time researching and reading, and asking questions and planning for as natural a birth as you … Continue reading

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Stop the Twin Belly Itch

Be prepared for this one. Don’t let it  sneak up on you, unless you have an overly stocked bathroom cabinet like I do. If you ignore the tiny bouts of itchiness, one night while you are trying to sleep, it … Continue reading

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36wks pregnant with Twins – Ultrasound & NST

In the multiple world we don’t just call it 36wks. You add in the days. So I’m 36+2. Another ultrasound revealed that E’s fluid has risen from 9.3cm to 14cm in 6 days. This is called polyhydramnios. Our last u/s … Continue reading

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35wk twin ultrasound + Twin Drama

Today was my 35wk ultrasound, both babies are still transverse (grrrr). Supposedly E is 7lb 6 oz and M is 5lb 4oz.  They said that E’s fluid is 9.3cm and shouldn’t be over 8cm (Single Vertical Pocket, single baby’s fluid … Continue reading

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35wks twin belly picture

I know you’ve been wanting to see what a 35 week twin belly looks like, so I have I! So here it is! I must say that I’m super lucky that I don’t have swelling in my hands/feet/face. I do … Continue reading

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Hiccups x3

Just a quick note. 3:02am: M has hiccups – nothing unusual 3:03am: M & E have hiccups – well this is new 3:05am: M & E & I have hiccups – now this is annoying

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