Sleep Training Toddler Twins

It’s been so long since I’ve even thought about sleep training twins. Most of my friends are already on their 3-4th baby and I’ve already given them the Sleep Lady book. Remember to use room darkening or black out curtains. Find a Lovey or Blankey they love. Use a sound machine or a box fan. Sing the same songs/books before every sleep. Nap & bedtime both. If your littles aren’t toddlers yet, rewind to my baby sleep training tips

While you are at it, pick up the Sleep Lady Workbook too. You are exhausted, been there, done that. The kind of tired that is scary. You fall asleep eating yet? You will. I don’t mean to sound all Doom & Gloom (great nicknames for your exhausted twins). It will get better. You will sleep. It’s just going to be a while and during that time you aren’t going to think straight.

Of course, not all have taken my advice *cough* those of you who feeling cranky and look bedraggled *cough*. I saw that yawn!

So your twins (or more!) are toddlers and naps have become intermittent? I feel ya! My boys, Squish and Stretch are 4 years old now and beginning to drop their naps…for good. Cue the sad violin and ugly crying. My mom and I were discussing sleep training yesterday, so I thought I’d update and talk about the stages of attempted nap dropping that toddlers go through.

18-20 MONTHS: my boys fought naps hard. This is the most common time that Parents give up on naps. Don’t do it! Keep working through it. Keep making attempts. Initiate Quiet Play (see below), or just keep going in and putting them back in bed. Unless your 18mo olds are still in cribs and don’t crawl out! Mine were sleeping on their crib mattresses on the floor by 18mo.

2.5 YEARS: Your children are still not ready to give up naps. See how cranky they are in the evening? Ugh, I feel your pain! Again, see above advice and below for Quiet Time.

3.5 YEARS: Again with the nap ditching. You may think they are old enough, but I can promise you there are still more months of napping ahead. Right around my boy’s 4th birthday, they still had days where they slept 3-3.5hrs for nap.

Two major things will be accomplished during the daily attempt to ditch naps. It’s your first opportunity to introduce “Quiet Play”, a true lifesaver! On days that you can just tell that naps aren’t going to happen bring in special Quiet Play Toys. These are very special toys that aren’t played with except during Quiet Play. The genius behind this is that your children will BEG for the Quiet Playtime. Hum, let me think about that…YES! These toys are played with for NO LONGER THAN TWO HOURS. Normally Quiet Play lasts 1.5hrs, toys are picked up promptly after QP. They stay in their room, with the door closed, and play for that time.

Your. Welcome.

Want to see the  BEST Quiet Time Toys?

All Twin Moms know that Quiet Time Play = Mom’s Sanity!

Best Quiet Play Toys




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