Punish Mom for Fun

I feel like a pretty strict Momma. With a 9yr old and two 4yr olds, my kids do 90% of the dishes. They clean up their toys, they eat what the restaurant serves (no chicken nuggets when everyone else is eating sushi), a salad with dinner every night, they say please & thank you, yes ma’am & no ma’am, yes sir & no sir, they feed the dogs, and they take the trash out. We have a good system and things run pretty smoothly in our home.

Most of the time.

Until we do something fun, we go to the park, the museum or like yesterday…the pool. It’s mid October in Texas so it’s one of the last days the water will be warm enough. We swam for about 2hrs. The 9yr old, “Deedi” (Squish gave her this name when he first started talking), is taking a break from swim team. I still made sure she did 2 laps each of back stroke, freestyle and fly. Took her 5 min to do, compared to the 1.5hr practices she used to do. The rest of the time she just played. Stretch is Mr. Self Motivated and he refuses to wear his Puddle Jumper floatie (if you have young children, these are awesome!!!). He just wants to jump in from the side and swim to you. Squish is the opposite, a real Momma’s Boy these days, he’d rather just wear his floaties and hang out with me. I’m loving it.

We had a great time. Until my sweet angels became demon spawn.

I know they are tired and that’s ok. I just need to hire a driver for the drive so I can down a bottle of wine, with my headphones on and a sleep mask over my eyes on the ride home. Does Uber do that?

Why is it that they MUST PUNISH MOM for taking them to do something fun? Most of the time, when you are leaving “the fun” and loading them in the vehicle, you don’t see smiling faces. They are losing their ever loving minds. Stretch was incoherent-crying, and Squish was mad-crying. Thankfully Stretch fell asleep but Squish  SCREAMED the whole way home. Deedi had joined me in the “ignore the 3rd row” and she was good until we got home and I told her to take a shower. You’d thought I’d told her t0 shower in hot lava, with the reaction I got.

Just for fun I sent this to the Mister and said “the kids are SO EXCITED for you to get home from work”. So here are my two hyenas and pre-meltdown-Deedi.


She fixed her seatbelt, I stopped filming when I started driving, everything was safe…take a chill pill.

I’m going to make them watch that video and PROMISE not to meltdown after. We are headed to the zoo next week, so we’ll see how it works out.

Have your kids punished you lately for something fun?

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