My first month with Classical Conversations

We’ve been homeschooling Big Sister since 1st Grade. She starts 5th and Squish and Stretch are starting Kinder this year. Big Sister has used Abeka DVDs for the last couple of years. That worked for us because I have a small business and the twins were so small (and ACTIVE). This summer I kept feeling nudges towards Classical Conversations. I didn’t want to change. With Abeka DVDs, I was participating 10% of the school day. With CC I’ll be participating 90% of the time. That is a HUGE change and very overwhelming.

We missed the first two class days of CC and visited on the third. Foundations, we can do that memory work. We turn the CD on and listen every time we are in the car. Feeling confident on Foundations and ignoring Essentials (only Big Sister is in Essentials) has worked for the last week. My ordered books aren’t here yet and I’m operating off scanned images from friends.

On days when we are schooling at home, here is our (current) routine. First thing in the mornings we do our memory work. Like a one room schoolhouse, all three kiddos sit and watch the memory work on CC Connections ($12/mo). If they have it memorized then they just watch it once. For everything else, they watch each part 6 times. Then, Big Sister has her reading, math (we’ve used Math-U-See since 1st grade) and typing ( While she works by herself, I *attempt* to work with the twins. Stretch has a longer attention span and Squish is all over the place. I bought Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. While I’m sure it’s easy for some, one look at the page and my ADD has me ready to run away from home. We are switching to Bob Books to see if that helps me. I HATE to teach children to read. I dream of putting them in school and letting PS (public school) teach them, at least, the basics. It’s sad but true.

Homeschooling is amazing and I love every part, except for the teaching Language part. That doesn’t make sense, does it? I love watching them learn and seeing them explore new subjects with bright eyes. I just don’t want to teach them anything having to do with the English Language. I love History, Science, Math, and Art. Not subjects I loved as a child, but I find them way more interesting than diagraming a sentence. (barf)

I keep hearing that your first year of CC is like trying to take a sip from a fire hose. This is a true statement. The best advice is to let it wash over you. Now if I can just figure out how to stand still so the water from a fire hose can “wash over me”.



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