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Twin C-section Recovery – Severe Nerve Pain

I haven’t wrote about my c-section recovery because I am still so angry with the way things happened. About 12 hours after Squish & Stretch arrived, I began to have horrible pain. At first I thought it was my incision, … Continue reading

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Questions To Ask Your Doctor – Natural Vaginal Twin Birth

When you are interviewing doctors, you need to ask the right questions. Here is a good starting list of questions for when you interview doctors- what else did you ask your doctor? Questions to ask doctor for natural birth of … Continue reading

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Tandem nursing twins in public

Our MASSIVE extended family spends 10 days at the beach every July. My goal this year was just to visit for the day. I have a TON of boy cousins, all younger than me. So I brought the My Brest … Continue reading

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Why these babies are creeping me out

Last week I was rocking Squish to sleep after putting Stretch in the pack n play already. It’s pitch black in our room and Squish is completely still. I was just about to lay him down when something creepy happened. … Continue reading

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The Birth of Harrison & Lennox

Originally posted on Whole Parenting:
When we found out that we were having twins at 20 weeks pregnant (yikes!), it was a scary and exciting feeling. It took weeks for the news to finally set in. With the news came…

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Surviving Breastfeeding Twins

Learning to nurse my singleton was pretty easy and we did so until she weaned herself at 26 months. It took me 4 long weeks to learn with twins. Let me just give this advice. Invest in a My Brest … Continue reading

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The “High Maintenance” Twin

I’ve seen it time and time again. A set of twins will commonly consist of a calm, easy going baby and a baby that demands more than his fair share of your time. This causes guilt because you don’t get … Continue reading

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