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The Birth Story of Rory and Patrick

Meet Angela, one amazing momma. I have been wanting to share her Houston twin birth story for a while, finally getting around to it. So enjoy! http://theparishfamily.blogspot.com/2014/03/the-birth-story-of-rory-and-patrick.html   Her boys are over 9mo now and she’s still nursing, keep up … Continue reading

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LaLeche League meetings – a MUST for a twin nursing Momma

Twice a month I truck on over (minivan on over) to our local LaLeche League meetings in Pearland. The leader is one of the lactation consultants with BABE – Bay Area Breastfeeding Education. Leah is fantastic and her partner in … Continue reading

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Newborn Twins – The 2nd Month

We survived the second month, thank the Lord! The toughest part was the evening. I felt bad that they were such Princes all day and about 30min before my hubby arrived home, they turned into Fire Breathing Dragons. He would … Continue reading

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Questions To Ask Your Doctor – Natural Vaginal Twin Birth

When you are interviewing doctors, you need to ask the right questions. Here is a good starting list of questions for when you interview doctors- what else did you ask your doctor? Questions to ask doctor for natural birth of … Continue reading

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The Birth of Harrison & Lennox

Originally posted on Whole Parenting:
When we found out that we were having twins at 20 weeks pregnant (yikes!), it was a scary and exciting feeling. It took weeks for the news to finally set in. With the news came…

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Natural Twin Birth Stories

If you have a natural twin birth story or even attempted (and were thwarted) a natural twin birth I’d love to post your story here. I spent the majority of my pregnancy, mostly at 3am, scouring the internet for twin … Continue reading

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Books to read if you are Pregnant with Twins

Books I read while pregnant (some aren’t about multiples, just great natural birth reads) Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth – you can’t ask for a better book about birth, but be prepared for the no holds bared photos and wild, … Continue reading

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