A twin pregnancy is lonely

Tonight I went to a La Leche League (find them on FB under Greater Bay Area LLL Group) meeting in Pearland to help some BAMOMs (Bay Area Moms of Multiples). One Momma with 7wk old twins and one who is 30wks pregnant. The topic turned to natural birth for twins and the AMAZING FB group Birthing Multiples Naturally. It was wonderful to hear about the natural birth from one Momma (birth story coming soon) while the other is still planning hers. 

I returned home and sank into nostalgia and then I remembered it. The overwhelming sense of loneliness during my twin pregnancy. If you are doing everything your OB says, and planning your scheduled c-section, you can find a ton of local moms who are doing the same. But if you are being “difficult” and attempting to avoid unnecessary, major surgery…things get very lonely. Your new best friend may be someone who has a similar due date but may live across the world. 

Nobody in your every day life understands that you spend every spare moment googling things like “percent of twins that are both transverse?”. I’m pretty sure I was the most annoying pregnant woman ever. I wasn’t talking about the adorable nursery, or how I couldn’t wait to hold them. I was more worried about intermittent monitoring, delayed cord cutting, and even tandem breastfeeding. 

I felt so isolated. Alone. 

But I was on a damn mission. I made do with my Australian friends. I found a Birth Sister in San Antonio, but I really wished there was a local group. Take heart! Now there is, you can find us on FB under Houston Natural Twin Birth. We keep a running list of doctors, midwives and even doulas who will support your choice. We post local birth stories. Let us be your Birth Sister. 

You can do this. You are a strong woman, we have your back. 💗

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