Tandem Babywearing Toddler Twins

In previous posts about tandem babywearing twins, you’ve seen my size 7 wrap my Ergo, and my Catbird Pikkolo. When the boys were 11 months old, I went to the Houston Natural Parenting Expo and visited the Woodland Babies table. I spotted the Toddler Tula and was in love. There are so many gorgeous patterns and colors, you can’t help but fall in LOVE!

I liked the gray Ergo, that way there was something manly for the hubby to wear, and it would coordinate with the gray trim on my Tula. Is that silly? Yes, but I was strangely obsessed with carriers. Almost every part of my life with twins has been me being obsessed about something. I became such an overachiever. I had to know the best of everything. The best way to naturally birth twins, the best way to nurse them, the best way to sleep train them, the best way to feed them solids, I could go on but I’d bore you. Let’s just say I’ve become (more than) a little nuts since the moment I knew that there were two little ones growing inside me.

Almost 21 months old. They walk, they talk, they are potty trained (details coming soon) and they still have tandem meltdowns. Today was a rough day. I don’t know if it was teething, the weather or the position of the moon. Regardless, it was nuts. I busted out the carriers. So you’ll get a peek at what it looks like to tandem wear 21 month old twins! There was even enough room for “Ubbie” and “Binkie”. Do I love these children?  I do, so much it feels like my heart will burst, but not at that moment. In that moment, I just needed another cup of coffee. Hey, I’m all about the truth.

tandem wearing 21 month old twins tandem wearing toddler twins

tandem wearing 21 month old twins
tandem wearing toddler twins



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2 Responses to Tandem Babywearing Toddler Twins

  1. Heather says:

    I’ve got 9 month old boys and I desperately need to start some sort of sleep training. What did you do?

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