Support groups when expecting twins

Here we are at 13m. I just survived a hellish day of teething. My (adorable & sweet) demon spawn are finally down for the night. Needless to say, I’m enjoying an adult beverage.
I feel so blessed to find myself in situations where I hope I can pass on some knowledge and support. There are women pregnant with twins, seriously everywhere. I felt very alone when I was pregnant. My family and friends were supportive but terrified. I’m the only one who read all the articles about how twins come natural, breastfeeding is possible, they can go full term, and further. So I felt alone that nobody local shared my knowledge and confidence.
My giant saving grace was a Facebook group call Birthing Multiples Naturally. If you want to make your job of birthing twins vaginally look easy, go read birth stories of women who naturally birthed and then breastfeeding TRIPLETS. While most of these aren’t local, there is a local Houston woman who accomplished this with Dr. Dryden at Women’s Pavilion.
So to those of you who feel alone, here is a list of helpful FB groups, and websites.
Birthing Multiples Naturally
Houston Natural Twin Birth
Breastfeeding Twins
Tandem Babywearing
Naturally Parenting Twins

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