Happy Birthday Boys!

It’s official! We’ve survived the first year of twindom! It called for a visit to our favorite photographer Kelly Roth in League City. Let’s just say – my kids like cake!

That is Stretch on the left and Squish on the right. Just a smidge over 20lbs now. Stretch says all kinds of things. “good job, thank you, Momma, Sissa, Dadda, shoe, duck, his own name…” Squish is more of a actions guy. He can take 7 steps without falling and is SO proud of himself.MandECS_17wm MandECS_36wm

We are still nursing. When they were tiny, I swore I’d wean them the second they turned one. We are here, and in no hurry for them to quit any time soon! Such special, quiet moments with such busy little guys.

A conversation with a twin mom of 3yr olds the other day about nursing, brought back a forgotten memory. I told her how I’d made my hubby promise that if I ever asked for formula, in a moment of weakness/exhaustion/crazy, that he had to refuse. My friend said she and her hubby had also had the same conversation. Guess what?  In a moment of weakness/exhaustion/crazy at 3am, I begged him to go buy formula, and he refused. That was our moment, could have been a terrible turning point but we’d prepared for it. We were ready for the weakness/exhaustion/crazy and we beat it! So Mommas who are currently pregnant with twins, have this conversation before it’s too late. You think you are strong enough to make it through the first 12wks of weakness/exhaustion/crazy and still breastfeed? Great, I’d also use this little backup plan. I was so hardcore about BFing because of my guilt over how my little dudes were born. There was NO WAY I WOULD USE FORMULA, but I did ask for it.

Now on to my adorable little men. Want to remember what they used to look like? Houston Newborn Twin Photography

MandECS_46wm MandECS_14wm MandECS_13wmMandECS_10wm

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