Attachment Parenting Twins

If you are looking for attachment parenting twins support groups in Houston, I’m about to hook you up! Now, some Facebook groups aren’t local, AP twins isn’t the norm. It’s certainly harder than with a singleton. The thing to keep in mind about AP is that you can pick and choose what works for your family! We do cloth diapers, babywearing, baby-led weaning, delay/select vaccinations, but we don’t co-sleep and I don’t have a problem with some cry-it-out!

First of all, join your local Moms of Multiples group. Seriously, just do it. If after a year, you don’t learn something helpful – don’t stay on for another year. Plus they have sales where you can buy and sell your baby stuff! Mine is Bay Area Moms of Multiples ( BAMOM )

Local Facebook Groups:
Houston Birth and Pregnancy
Houston Crunchy Moms
Houston Cloth Diapers
Bay Area Babywearing
Greater Bay Area La Leche League
Real Crunchy Parents of Houston
Central Houston Babywearers
Gulf Coast Babywearers

Non Local Facebook Groups
Tandem Babywearing
Tandem Nursing
Naturally Parenting Twins

Am I missing any groups?

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