The Twin Cloth Diaper Stash

When my boys were 3mo, I was given 33 giant prefolds. I wasn’t fond of how big it made their little booties, so I started my research. I’m still not sure how we ended up with flats & Flips but I’m so happy we did! We use the prefolds at night, and HAVE NEVER HAD A LEAK! A trip to the Dharma website and some colorful fingers later, all my diapers are no longer plain white. You can see the colorful patterns on my diaper FB page, Vibrant Diapers. An amazing thing happened when I started spending the evenings after they were in bed, dyeing diapers. I grew to LOVE cloth diapering my twins. I also (hold on to your hats) started to love laundry day. Folding these beautiful colors and patterns felt like a mix between time travel and a trip to the modern art museum.

IMG_3450I hadn’t planned to start CDing until they were 6mo old but found that I loved the look of them so much that we were hooked by 4mo.

How many diapers do you need to cloth diaper twins? Here’s the breakdown of what we have:

36 flats – these are our everyday diapers, nice and thin. 12 of these go for $19 on AmazonIMG_4968IMG_4952

12 prefolds – night time diapers and also used to clean up spills & the floor after meals (I have 33 of these, and plan to use them full time when they fit the boys better) 6 of these for for $19 on AmazonIMG_4955IMG_4953

10 Flip covers – on the left in this photo, they have tons of colors and even some prints. These are $15 each here, depending on the print/color.


12 pocket diapers – on the right in this photo, I bring these for when someone other than the hubby or I will be watching the boys. There are lots of brands, but I just bought some cheapy Alva’s from China. They go for about $5/each on Ebay. They aren’t made very well (shocker, right?) but they are great for occasional use! Plus, they have tons of adorable prints.

IMG_4971Is that enough cloth diapers for twins? I wash every 2nd-3rd day and have yet to run out!

tie dye.jpg

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3 Responses to The Twin Cloth Diaper Stash

  1. thepeepsmama says:

    Thank you for sharing your cloth diapering experience with twins! My twin boys are due in January and I’m researching cloth diaper brands at the moment. What did you use when your boys were newborns?

    • I used disposables until we really started cloth at 4mo. Really, I think I might have run away from home if I had been adding in washing diapers every other day to the routine before then! Love to hear if you are able to do it 🙂

    • I didn’t CD until they were 4 months old. Even people who CD their singletons don’t normally start until they are out of the newborn size.
      If you decide to start from day one, I’d check out the Diaper Swappers website. You can get recommendations on what to use for tiny babies.

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