Baby-Led Weaning TWINS!

Well, sort of. I call this the modified baby-led weaning.

So, at 6 months I introduced my boys to avocado. My daughter had loved it immediately, but that was 5 years ago. It was a mess, and as I continued to introduce my boys to non-puree foods over the next month – I began to hate baby-led weaning. Food was a toy, a very messy toy that I had to clean up…with all my spare time!

So we went to purees, and I stopped hating meal time. My boys LOVE to eat, and eat and eat. We still let them try somethings we were eating, as long as it didn’t have too much salt or sugar. The majority of what they ate for the first 2 months didn’t need to be chewed.

This whole process might have been easier if we ate “normal” meals. Here’s the breakdown of our evening. Boys eat at 5pm, daughter at 5:45pm, then she is off to karate. The hubby home at 5:30pm, he drinks a protein shake before he heads to school and I will eat after 7pm, when the boys are down for bed. From the time the boys dinner is over, until their bedtime – they are unhappy campers. Stretch wants to be held the entire time and Squish is all over the place, he’s into everything. Baby-led weaning calls for the family all sitting down together and eating the same thing. Oh how I long for that, but let me tell you – it’s not happening. Any. Time. Soon.

At 8 months they had much better fine motor skills, a better pincer grip. So they eat Cheerios, Mum-Mum crackers (you can buy these on Amazon with Subscribe & Save!) and raisins for snacks. Frozen peas and frozen wild blueberries are good, but messy. They don’t seem to want cheese, and most fruit given *must* be room temp or they just throw it on the floor for the dog. Lucky dog.

Breakfast consists of pretty much the same thing every day now. That predictability makes my life easier. Once a week I make scrambled eggs, but cook them like an omelet. Then I cut it into squares and I can microwave some each day. When I lost weight 2 years ago, I did this so I didn’t have to make eggs every day! They taste just the same and it’s a great time saver. I also serve the eggs with a piece of lightly toasted wheat bread – cut in squares. They get one of each at a time and it cuts down on the mess. Then I feed them Greek yogurt mixed with whatever pureed fruit I have around. This morning was apricot, banana and applesauce together. Then I sprinkled the-most-amazing-and fabulous organic frozen wild blueberries in. They come from Costco and they are so sweet and unlike a regular blueberry. They thaw by the time I’m ready to feed and I like having something for them to chew, even in the yogurt.







These are our fabulous IKEA  highchairs. I love their size – small and their price – $25/each! They also have white colored chairs and I *think* red in the stores, the tray doesn’t come with it – separate box.  No “fabric” to clean and they are small enough to fit in the shower if the need a really good rinse!baby-led weaning twins

UPDATE these have been recalled for “falling babies”. I’m not sure but I’m pretty sure it’s similar to the babies that fell out of Bumbo chairs. How about BUCKLE YOUR CHILDREN, EVERYTIME. IF YOU LEAVE THE ROOM, EXPECT THE WORST. Especially with twins. I hate to sound all doom and gloom but it’s just reality!

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