More tie dye cloth diapers

The reason I went with flat cloth diapers for twins is the cost. They are so much cheaper than prefolds. I’ve fallen in love with them now. Part is how much fun they were to dye, prefolds are a pain and really limit what you can do with color. I also enjoy folding them, totally cathartic for me (WHY?). My plan was to sell them when Squish and Stretch are out of diapers, but I have a feeling that some will stay.

I was brave and tie dyed my flats. Last time involved flour sack towels and Tulip dye. This past weekend was birdseye flats and Dharma professional dyes. They didn’t all come out like I wanted but the great thing about tie dye is “there are no mistakes”. Next time I’ll show you my water color dyed flats. Loved them so much, I almost wish I’d done them all that way instead of tie dye! As much as I loved my flats before, I’m over the moon about them!

Let me start with my favorite. This diaper had a hole and then two, obviously it’s gotten lots of love. So I wanted to show how much we loved it. This diaper turned out great with a heart & a swirl! ❤IMG_4228IMG_4224 IMG_4225 IMG_4033 IMG_4032 IMG_4026 IMG_4027 IMG_4028 IMG_4030 IMG_4031 IMG_4025 IMG_4024 IMG_4023 IMG_4022 IMG_4021 IMG_4018 IMG_4019 IMG_4020Then my water color dyed diapers. Loved these so much, I wish I’d done more like this! (sadly I’m out of flats now!)IMG_4232 IMG_4231An attempt was made at pastels (BOOOORING)

IMG_4229Because I’m all out of flats, I knew it was time to start learning how to work with my prefolds and doublers. I worked with the same pastels, prefold turned out better, doubler – eh.IMG_4226

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