Just checking in – E & M are 6mo old now!

So boys are almost 6mo old now and are still Exclusively Breastfed. M is up on hands and knees rocking back and forth, moving legs and then lunging forward he will sit up for about 10 seconds. E is sitting up for about 60 seconds at a time, and will get up on hands and knees. It’s so amazing watching them develop so differently.

They are currently sleeping from 7pm-4am, up for a quick nursing, then back down till 7am. Then a 9:30am nap for about 1.5hrs, a 2hr nap about 1:00pm and a 45min nap at 4pm. I have had them napping in separate rooms, until today. It’s so much hard to sleep train for nap time. It’s brighter, more noises, not as much deep sleep, ect. So I’m attempting to get them napping in the same room from now on.

Happy Thanksgiving from my little turkeys!image

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