A quick note on Soothie pacifiers

There is trap that new parents fall into. They receive a Soothie pacifier from the hospital and realize that they need more than one. So off they go and grab a pack in the same teal color or maybe blue, purple or pink. You get home and baby won’t take it. There are two types and from what I understand, they both come in all four colors. You want the 0-3m Soothies, NOT the 3m+. They are softer and the baby can tell the difference.

That SHOULD wrap up any and all problems, but it doesn’t. There is a second type of 0-3,  Vanilla scented. Some hospitals give those out, so check your paci (or as we call them “fire”) for a scent. I had heard about these vanilla Soothies, but didn’t think much about them until I accidentally bought a pack. Thank goodness, at 4 months, my boys didn’t mind!

You can easily find Soothies at Walgreens, and even Kroger. No need to hit up the baby super store. NewbornSoothie

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