Cloth diapering Twins

This week we begin cloth diapering the boys. They are 3 1/2mo old now and although I had planned to wait until they were 6mo to start – our gifted disposable diaper stash is running low. There are so many options. All-in-ones (or AIO) but those seem to be a big pain to wash. They seemed to be cuter prints and more expensive. My original thought was prefolds, they look like burp cloths but are way more absorbant. Then I fell in love with the flats. It’s a giant square cloth. It can be folded a ton of different ways and when used with a “Flip” cover, it’s super easy.

These flats are birdeye weave and plain white. BORING. I’ve always wanted to tie dye, but since it’s not my style – I’d never done it. So to experiment I bought tulip dye and some 2 for $2 flour sack towels from Wally World.

It was fun.

Too much fun.

I dyed everything I could get my hands on until all the dye was gone. Next time I’ll use real dye, the Tulip seemed to run for the first 5 washes. It was fun and I like the results.


Squish and his tie dyetd2

Stretch, crazy face and his tie dyetd3I’ve bought flats and Flip diapers used off Diaper Swappers and I’m so pleased.

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2 Responses to Cloth diapering Twins

  1. Anastasia says:

    LOVE the tie dye. What is the little 3 fingered thing called your using to hold the diaper closed? Never seen them.

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