LaLeche League meetings – a MUST for a twin nursing Momma

Twice a month I truck on over (minivan on over) to our local LaLeche League meetings in Pearland. The leader is one of the lactation consultants with BABE – Bay Area Breastfeeding Education. ~master~master~~master50

Leah is fantastic and her partner in crime is Misti, our lactation consultant. They are the reason we’ve made it to 3mo EBF – exclusively breastfed, and the reason we keep going. I don’t go to the meetings because I have questions every week. I go for four reasons and I think they apply to all nursing twin mommas.

  1. It’s the one place you can go where nobody is bothered by the things that rule your universe right now – Babies & Boobies
  2. It’s nice to make new friends, and helps with the feeling of not being tied to the house, and it’s great practice for traveling with the twins. They don’t judge when things go awry- poop explosions, both screaming, forgetting burpcloths/pacifiers or running out of wipes/diapers.
  3. You get to weigh your babies every week and that helps you to see that they are growing and your supply is good. And IF you feel your supply drop, you’ll be all over it!
  4. This is the big one: It makes you feel like a complete and total BADASS. The other moms are amazed. Now this may sound silly, but it’s nice and it helps to keep my eye on the prize! WE CAN DO THIS, WE CAN CAN MAKE IT TO A YEAR!!!

Here is Misti with Stretch & Leah with Squish celebrating National Breastfeeding Week!

BABESo to all of you Twin Mommas, KEEP AT IT – you can do it!!! And if you are in the Houston Bay Area, have Leah or Misti out. They might be just what you need to keep ya going.

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2 Responses to LaLeche League meetings – a MUST for a twin nursing Momma

  1. loveisblonde says:

    You are so amazing! Seriously, you are ROCKING IT! I’m loving reading back through all of your posts. You have two very lucky babies to have such a great and dedicated mama.

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