Newborn Twins – The 2nd Month

We survived the second month, thank the Lord! The toughest part was the evening. I felt bad that they were such Princes all day and about 30min before my hubby arrived home, they turned into Fire Breathing Dragons. He would walk in the door and I’d immediately hand him a screaming baby. From about 4pm until our final nursing of the night at 8:30pm.

Making it past the first six weeks made me feel like a new woman. I started getting out, and being brave enough to visit & shop without help. At 8wks my Mother-in-Law, God bless her soul, watched the boys while we went to a movie. It was nice to be away, but the movie was awful. So a suggestion, if I may, on your first few times away – do something you REALLY WANT TO DO. Otherwise you might as well just find the closest bed and sleep!

This picture turned out terrible, good thing the boys are sooo darn cute!

That is M aka Squish on the left and E aka Stretch on the right

2 month old twins

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