Twin C-section Recovery – Severe Nerve Pain

I haven’t wrote about my c-section recovery because I am still so angry with the way things happened. About 12 hours after Squish & Stretch arrived, I began to have horrible pain. At first I thought it was my incision, but the pain meds did nothing to help. When I finally got brave enough to look at my incision, I was shocked by how low it was. It wasn’t what was hurting me at all. My pain, a sharp searing pain, was between my incision and my belly button. Any use of my stomach muscles would cause the kind of pain that causes you to beg for death. So when I started passing out on my walk to the bathroom from the pain, I started begging for a medication that would help. They couldn’t seem to understand that it wasn’t my incision that hurt. They offered to double my pain med dose, but they would also double the amount of time between doses. That was the stupidest thing I’d ever heard.

So when they started bugging me about getting and walking, it was so incredibly tough to do. Even when I got home, the pain came with me. I couldn’t sleep in bed, because it was too hard to get up and down from a flat lying position. So I was back on the sofa, the place I had slept since I was 18wks pregnant. I hated that sofa.

So at my 1 week postpartum visit, the doctor, who hadn’t been informed of my pain…and hadn’t bothered to check on a patient she had recently sliced open…finally gave me a medication called Gabapentin. It did very little to help.

Now I’m told that this is how the system works. After your babies are born, you are seen by whatever doctor is doing rounds that day. Seems odd that my own doctor wouldn’t call to check on me. Guess who did call to check on me? My midwife, Bernadette from Rite of Passage. That is where C was born 5 years ago and where this birth would have taken place if it hadn’t been twins! So I hadn’t even seen her since I was 17wks pregnant, she was calling to check on me. Now I know doctors are busy, but so are midwives. I don’t care if it’s how the system is, I think it’s wrong. Seems like my doctor should have checked on me, at least looked at my chart to see how recovery was going while I was still in the hospital. Seems strange that there isn’t any communication between the postpartum nurses and the doctor that performed my surgery.

So after I reached 4 weeks postpartum, I saw dramatic difference in the pain. I’m 9 weeks postpartum now, and that area is still sensitive when touched, and the area just below it and just above the incision is completely numb.

My doctor has attempted to tell me that this pain is normal. I’m sorry but if this were the normal amount of pain after a c-section, there would be no elective c-sections. I wouldn’t hear people talking about what an easy recovery they had.

*17mo postpartum Update after the pain left, I was with zero feeling in that area. Just in the past month I’ve started getting a little feeling back!*

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