Questions To Ask Your Doctor – Natural Vaginal Twin Birth

When you are interviewing doctors, you need to ask the right questions. Here is a good starting list of questions for when you interview doctors- what else did you ask your doctor?

Questions to ask doctor for natural birth of twins:

  1. What is your breech policy? Ok for A & B or just B? Lots of doctors will insist on internal version (reaching up and turning B manually – although given time, most Bs will turn headdown on their own after A is out from breech/transverse)
  2. How often are their twins born via c-section? My doctor said “most of the time”, problem is that most people expecting twins don’t know that a vaginal birth is even possible! So is it the doctor saying no to those who want it, or just not suggesting it to those who don’t know?
  3. Continuous or intermittent monitoring? Continuous has a higher c-section rate, and there are numerous articles on the web to prove it. When you go in for your first NST (non stress test) you will understand why you don’t want to be hooked up to those things while in labor. It just isn’t possible to move around while hooked up!
  4. How many people will be in during delivery? Can some of those wait outside until babies are out?
  5. How long will they allow after A is out for B to head out? I’ve read twin birth stories where babies have been born DAYS apart. Pat Jones, a local legend of a midwife, says to ask for up to 2 hours between babies.
  6. Do they allow cameras & video? Paranoid about lawsuits today, lots of doctors & hospitals don’t allow this. Scardycats 😉
  7. What natural pain management methods do they have available and how often do they let people use them?
  8. Policy regarding pain meds, some hospitals don’t like to let multiples moms labor without at least the line in. Their reason is that in case Baby B has to come out via c-section, you are already numb. Chances of a c-section for Baby B – unlikely. Although an epidural will raise your chance of a c-section, so they seem to be stacking the deck in their favor!
  9. How long will they “let you” go? Some cut off at 38wks, others at 40wks. Very few will “allow” over 40wks.
  10. What kind of things would make them suggest induction/cesarean?
  11. Will you deliver in the OR?
  12. How often for Ultra sounds? I believe that most want every month and then 2x/month then 1x/week at the end. For me, every ultrasound felt like one more opportunity for them to scare me into induction/c-section early. Plus with ultrasounds, OB appointments and physical therapy for my hip – I was making that 1hr drive 3x/week for that last month. A very reputable midwife (Pat Jones rocks!) told me to negotiate for ultrasounds every 6wks. Obviously I failed in that.

My OB seemed very open to what I wanted in the beginning, then “didn’t remember” telling me she was ok with them later. I wish I had given her my birth plan very early on and had her ok it with her signature. “Just in case” she wasn’t around, I could show the nurses that my doctor had approved these things.

Can you think of additional questions? I’d love to add them to the list!

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