Surviving Breastfeeding Twins

Learning to nurse my singleton was pretty easy and we did so until she weaned herself at 26 months. It took me 4 long weeks to learn with twins. Let me just give this advice.

  • Invest in a My Brest Friend nursing pillow
  • Go to at least one Le Leche League meeting BEFORE your babies are born
  • See the lactation consultant at the hospital every day before you check out
  • If the latch still hurts after 2wks, there’s a problem
  • Don’t hesitate to have a lactation consultant come out to your house (most insurance companies will reimburse you)
  • Get a double electric breast pump AND a manual hand pump

Go to at least one Le Leche League meeting AFTER your babies are born,  you will feel like such a super star and helps you to keep on keeping on!

When you are feeling discouraged, and threaten to send the spouse for formula – remember this. Other than the obvious reasons why breastfeeding is FAR SUPERIOR to formula, there are extras when it comes to twins. Do you know how many bottles have to be washed for twins? Plus you don’t mix up a single bottle, you mix up a pitcher of formula then is the added cost – at least $45 a week! Plan before the babies are born. Make your hubby promise – no matter how much you beg him to go buy formula at 3am – he is to tell you NO. This seems a bit extreme, 3am with twins is extreme. There will be begging and crying and “I can’t do this”. But YOU CAN. You can do this Momma!

Lactation Intoxication IMG_2386

Good nursing bras are so important. If the cup is molded or padded, you have to fold it down in a way that is more difficult than the other type. Go to a good bra shop and get properly fitted and don’t be afraid to spend $70-100 on a great bra. I can be a pretty cheap kinda person, but I never skimp on this. I bought a bra at the end of my pregnancy with my singleton. That didn’t work so well with twins. You carry around twice the milk, so waiting for all that to come in is important. I’d also purchase a nursing sleep bra, there are a couple of brands on Amazon. I’ve also purchased a hands free pumping bra, although I’ve yet to try it. *Update* I only used my handfree pumping bra once. I was a terrible, lazy pumper!

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