Natural Twin Birth Stories

If you have a natural twin birth story or even attempted (and were thwarted) a natural twin birth I’d love to post your story here. I spent the majority of my pregnancy, mostly at 3am, scouring the internet for twin birth stories. Homebirths, midwives, hospitals, OBs, c-sections – I wanted to read them all.

I would especially love to post Houston based births to help others find their perfect Houston Twin Birth!

Contact me at lifeplustwins (at) to submit your story. You never know who it may help!

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3 Responses to Natural Twin Birth Stories

  1. bonny0374 says:

    Read through your twin journey and it was a really good read! I’m 30 weeks pregnant with twin girls and attempting a natural twin birth as well. I’m so sorry yours didn’t go as planned. I have a midwife and an OB who is “pro homebirth” so i’m hoping it goes my way! I also want to do delayed cord clamping and skin to skin with both babies.

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