C-section – The Constant Reminder

My apology if this post sounds like that of a incoherent, sleep deprived, hormone driven, (and maybe a touch of ppd) human being at midnight…

twin swaddle

I’m 3 weeks postpartum, and my c-section is the gift that keeps on giving.

Maternity clothes are something that continue to be a part of your life AFTER pregnancy if you are a twin mom. I’m not sure how long this belly will remain the size of a 6mo singleton pregnancy belly. So you have lots of maternity clothes, what’s the problem? No pants that are low rise, because they hit on your incision. Not that it really hurts but it’s tender and uncomfortable. So your choices include the full panel pants or dresses. Except nursing in a dress is hard, let’s be honest. Tandem nursing twins wearing anything other than your pants is difficult. Naked from the waist up is your best option.

Back to the c-section. You forget to take a pain pill, not fun. Pants don’t work, not fun. Trying to wear the post pregnancy girdle when it hits your incision every time you sit, not fun. Then add in the constant reminder of something you are trying to forget. It wears you out.

They say if you are struggling with a traumatic birth, you should talk to your baby about it. Tell them about how they came into the world, and how you wish it had turned out. I’m not ready to do this yet, I’d like to forget about that experience – at least for a while. When (if) we survive this 6-8wks of twindom, I hope to have less hormones, and more sleep. Then I’ll revisit the subject.

Till then, wish us happy, awake babies during the day and happy, sleepy babies at night!

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2 Responses to C-section – The Constant Reminder

  1. vicki says:

    Sending strength,positivity and hugs from one of your newest followers all the way over in Australia. Vicki X

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