Twins 37+3wks “The Plan”

Ultrasound showed another increase in fluid for E. He is still transverse. This is where it gets tough for me. I’ve spent so much time researching and reading, and asking questions and planning for as natural a birth as you can get at a hospital. Now Dr L is afraid of even attempting a “controlled” vaginal birth. She has delivered 3 sets of vaginal twins in the time I’ve been seeing her. Even her nurse says that she pushes for it with twin moms who only expect a c-section.

I chose to use a doctor, and hospital. Now it’s come down to having to trust them. So Friday, one day before I hit 38wks, I’m going in for a c-section. She did say that I’m at a higher risk of hemorrhage because of all the extra fluid, and that risk doesn’t decrease with the c-section.  I’m still more scared of the epidural/spinal than the actual surgery.

I had the pre-anesthesia blood work done, and I asked the nurse (LOVE HER) about how often the anesthesiologist lets more than one person in with you. She told me, in confidence, that I’d have to have a hissy fit to get my doula in. No Problem! You are talking to someone who LOVES to throw a tantrum. So my goal is hubby in to help me hold babies while they put my parts back in and my doula in there with the camera taking pics. I don’t want to miss out on the first 30min (how long it takes for them to “close” – learned that term from Grey’s Anatomy!) of my boy’s lives!

And did you know that when they take you back for the epidural, they want your spouse to wait in another room??? Uh, no. NOT HAPPENING! This is MY c-section and I’ll have him there with me during the scariest part!

Dr L has agreed to a “gentle cesarean” – you can look up some fabulous videos on youtube about this. We even get to wait until both cords stop pulsing before they are cut! This is pretty unheard of during a c-section! Can you tell that I’m trying to find the bright side to this?

This all happens tomorrow morning and then I get to meet my boys. We will be sending out a thousand prayers that E’s fluid level has nothing to do with his development and M’s club feet are his only issue.

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