36wks pregnant with Twins – Ultrasound & NST

In the multiple world we don’t just call it 36wks. You add in the days. So I’m 36+2.

Another ultrasound revealed that E’s fluid has risen from 9.3cm to 14cm in 6 days. This is called polyhydramnios. Our last u/s had us in the low level, now we were in the moderate level. Very disappointing. MFM doctor came in and said that he wanted the boys to come this weekend. He had called my doctor and she said we’d talk about it at my appt 3 days later.

I spend the next 3 days googling. Not the best thing to do when you are pregnant. All kinds of bad things with polyhydramnios. Main concern is cord prolapse. Because E likes to be transverse or breech, it makes it even worse. Even if he were head down, with so much fluid, it’s unlikely that his head would “engage” in my pelvis to block the “exit”. Extra fluid is extra pressure and so there is an increased risk of water breaking. If the water breaks, the massive exodus of fluid can easily pull the cord out with it. What do you do if your cord is hanging out? Get on your hands and knees, butt in the air and call 911. If your baby is breech/transverse and your water breaks, but no cord is seen, this is still the best position (just in case) as someone drives you to your place of birth.

cord prolapse twins

Three days later I’m 36+5 and I met with Dr L today and my doula came too. We were both SURE she would play the dead baby card to get me to go this weekend. The MFM wanted me done this weekend. My doula was impressed that Dr L wasn’t trying to rush and didn’t play the DBC. She is worried that a rush of so much fluid, even if they broke it and I was highly monitored, that amount of fluid will pull the cord out. Even head down , she has little confidence that he will be able to engage his head and stay that way & block the cord. She has delivered 3 sets of twin vaginally just since I’ve been seeing her. Even her nurse says that she pushes vag for twins. So we are reevaluating on Tuesday after my next u/s. So I feel better about trusting my doctor, just hoping for a little miracle here!

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