35wk twin ultrasound + Twin Drama

Today was my 35wk ultrasound, both babies are still transverse (grrrr). Supposedly E is 7lb 6 oz and M is 5lb 4oz.  They said that E’s fluid is 9.3cm and shouldn’t be over 8cm (Single Vertical Pocket, single baby’s fluid is measured 4 times so theirs is Multiple Vertical Pocket). The MFM doctor came in and attempted to scare me, it’s what they do best! 😉

Next I had my first Non Stress Test (NST) and that was NOT fun. If you haven’t had one yet, or haven’t discussed intermittent monitoring during labor with your doctor – a NST will change that! This test seemed so ridiculous. I had just had an u/s where we could all see both boys bopping around in there, AND they kept kicking the monitors for the NST. Obviously their heartbeats are great and obviously they didn’t want to cooperate. So it took an hour and I ended up flat on my back FOR AN HOUR before they were able to get both boys on. Miserable is the only way to describe that. Those straps are so tight, and it’s so easy for a baby to move just slightly and then they have to be readjusted.

Next up in this long day was my OB appt. Dr. L said “even if A goes head down, he might flip breech during delivery because of how much he is moving now”. Duh. Even a singleton baby can flip during birth. That is c-section talk if I’ve ever heard it. Plus she is denying that she offered intermittent monitoring. She said “I must have been really tired that day” I said “I don’t care, I’m not doing it. Don’t make me call Pat Jones”. I love that it sounded like I was threatening to call her mother. She said “who is Pat Jones?”. I told her that Pat was only the top midwife in Houston and she has tons of experience with twins and will deliver at home. She agreed to “work something out”. Yeah, that isn’t something I was going to give in on, especially after the NST.

So I left very unhappy. Very very unhappy. Next ultrasound & NST in a week…

Interested in Pat Jones? You can find her here www.houstonnaturalbirth.com

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