35wks twin belly picture

I know you’ve been wanting to see what a 35 week twin belly looks like, so I have I! So here it is!

35wk twin belly picture

I must say that I’m super lucky that I don’t have swelling in my hands/feet/face. I do have this lovely swelling on the underside of my belly. Did I just call it lovely? It’s gross. Looks gross, feels gross, ugh. Doctor says it’s from the pressure of the babies, and it’s a multiples thing. It’s a (ready to be grossed out?) collection of fluid just under the skin, and it’s about 4-5in across. Funny thing about it is that my daughter can put her hand on it with a little pressure and after about 20sec she removes her hand but her handprint is still there. Creeeepy! It’s this weird mix between numb and ultra sensitive. It will itch, like pregnant bellies do, and when I lightly scratch it, I barely feel it…until a few seconds later when it starts to burn!

My braxton hicks contractions had slacked off for about 2wks. I was down to about 5 a day. They are back. Twice today they feel like they are working on my cervix! I have an ultrasound and appt with Dr L in 2 days. Dr L says she is going to check my cervix to see if it’s dialated at all. I have mixed feelings on this information. I want to know, but unless it’s 5-6cm, it doesn’t matter. You can be at 2 or 3cm for weeks! So it partly will just get my hopes up about the babies vacating their current residence BEFORE 40wks, when I already KNOW they might just hang around. The food is good, it’s warm and cozy and when their big sister lays her her on the belly, they get to kick her. Why leave unless you are evicted?



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