Negotiating the price of a car with contractions

My darling new, 6mo old Subaru Outback won’t fit 3 carseats. Sigh.

Yes, I know I could do an SUV with 3 rows. For my own sanity, I decided on a minivan. Being a “car chick” I’ve always said that I would NEVER own a minivan. Never say never. So we headed to Honda dealers all over town on Saturday. I finally settled on a dark gray one and moved in for the kill.

A little background info, I sold cars just long enough to know the tricks of the trade. Plus I love arguing, so negotiating the price of a car is so much fun for me. Sound sick? I maybe, but my darling husband loves when I argue with someone besides him. He gets to sit back and laugh.

That poor salesman brought me the price of the car and their offer for my trade. It was pathetic. I sent him back with a price that required his boss. So I’m sitting at the table with hubby, salesman and manager when they show their next price. It was so awful that it caused me to have a Braxton Hicks contraction. I was in the middle of telling them why they had lost their minds when I had to close my eyes. My husband explained that I was pregnant with twins and having a contraction. He said their mouths dropped open and they look scared. Contractions at this point last about 2.5-3min. So when it was over, they were a little more pliable. Men are typically scared of pregnant women, they get that “please don’t have that baby here” look on their face. If you’re typically the type of person who doesn’t speak up, pregnancy is your chance! We settled on the price and we headed back to finance.

Finance guy beat our interest rate from the credit union, and we started talking about a warranty. It was crazy expensive, but all third party warranties have tons of markup. So I told him that we needed the lower the interest rate and the price of the warranty. He had just started to shake his head when Baby A punched my cervix. This is an unexpected pain that will make you double over with a yelp, but it’s gone quickly. Finance guy said no problem and got that paperwork DONE!

Thanks E & A for all the help, it was fun. Hope I get to take the two of y’all to help a friend buy a car after you’re born. A whole new adventure!

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