31wk twin ultrasound and checkup

On my way to the appointment I felt so nauseous, seriously thought I was going to vomit. Ultrasound tech starts with Baby A and says ok, we have a butt down here and a head up here. I said no, his is head down. Boy was I wrong. That little brat had flipped, after over 8wks of being cephalic (head down) he went full breech. I couldn’t hold the tears back, I was devastated. C-section here I come! Then that little snot moved again and was transverse (laying sideways).  I felt a little better. I had no idea he has that much room to move and groove in there! Baby B was still transverse, despite his nightly dance moves.

U/S tech said that Baby B was over 5lb. This is were I start to lose faith in the medical community. I will listen to size in the first and second trimester, but I turn my ears off in the third. A 5lb baby now would be like 12-13lb at full term. That is just silly talk considering that there are two in there and I’m not even measuring 8wks ahead. Lots of twin moms by 31wks are measuring 10+ wks ahead – and they don’t have 13lb babies! I am afraid that my Dr L will use this against me in the end. Like somehow I have some freak baby in there that she will need to “take” or “remove”.

After ultrasound we headed to the 15th floor to see Dr L. In the waiting room the strangest thing happened. We sat across from a girl who was wearing her baby. I commented on what a nice wrap it was. My daughter told me that she had twins and the husband walks over with baby #2. A wrap like that indicates that she is at least a little “crunchy” so I asked who her doctor was. Zepada. Were her babies born at the end of February? Yes. Was she on Mothering.com? Yes. Did someone send her a PM asking for her birth story? Yes. I sent that PM!!! I’m so glad I got to meet her!!! Know what her best advice was? Try as hard as possible to enjoy the last few weeks. She was exhausted and it was quite an ordeal to leave the house. So my new mantra is “I’m enjoying this, I’m enjoying this…”

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