Sleeping while pregnant with twins

I know I need to update the medical stuff, but that will be the next post. This is just a little complaining about twin pregnancy aches and pains!

It’s 9:47pm and I’m panicking, just like I do every night. Every night my husband comes and kisses and loves on me and the belly and every night I sniff as he heads off to the bedroom. I’ve been sleeping in the recliner in the living room since 18wks. Reclining isn’t good for baby(s) position, but not sleeping at all isn’t good for any of us! My hips hurt so bad from the extra relaxin my body is producing and sleeping on my side is torture. I used to love sleeping in my bed, my favorite pillows – half on my side and half on my belly, both hands under my pillow. The two positions that no longer work for me. I now sleep sitting almost straight up – my least favorite position. Know what makes it worse? Being hormonal, emotional and having to sleep away from the husband. The sofa is awful or else I’d be begging him to sleep there. I’ve learned the best way to sleep is to take an epson salt bath to relax my uterus. If I don’t take one every night, I end up with contractions every couple of hours. That coupled with the fact that M knows when it’s my bedtime and wakes E up for a 2-3hr party. *sigh*

I’m 32wks pregnant with these twin boys now and 8wks seems forever from now. In the next two weeks the construction on our house will require moving our bedroom furniture into the living room for a few nights. So he will be sleeping in the same room! So incredibly excited about that! Then our new room will be complete and there will be room for the recliner in the bedroom.

Thanks for listening. I hate to dump all this on the Hubby, he has so much going on this weekend. Work, school, the house – and a certain procedure that most men say they will never do. The type that prevents future pregnancies… 😉

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