Accidently passing my 1hr Gestational Diabetes test!!!

Read about my pre gestational diabetes test diet

So day of the GD test came. I had eaten 2 eggs for dinner the night before and the same for breakfast the next morning. No toast, no milk, no cereal.


This was my lovely orange non-carbonated soda. I will affectionately call it my vomit drink as I spent the next 30min trying NOT to vomit it up! I placed 5yr old C in front of the laptop with her choice of Sleeping Beauty (also my favorite princess movie). Let’s face it, that Prince had to really fight for her. What did the others do? Send someone else around with a shoe, kiss a sleeping girl? Come on. Back on topic – So while C was entertained, I walked the hallway. Nurses began to stare after my 3rd back n forth. I was not to be deterred. So 30min in, I am called in for my regular appointment. Went fine. Gained 1lb in last 2wks, and still measuring 36wks. Told her that my Braxton Hicks and died down to just 4-5/day, and it felt luxurious! I griped about the GD test more, and told her I really didn’t want to do the 3hr because of my needle phobia. Dr L told me that she failed hers because she wasn’t calm when she took it. Adrenaline pumping can cause crazy hormones and you can fail. Great – if this runner who weighs all of 110lb failed, I’m doomed! After she was done with me, I made my next appointment and proceeded to the lab area for my blood draw. I sat and waited my turn. Then I found out that I didn’t have “THE PAPERWORK”. So I waddled back to the nurse’s station and then they had to find my nurse, and she had to print out the paperwork. So by the time they actually drew blood, I was over the hour. Don’t you dare tell my doctor, and if Dr L reads this, I will deny every word. Just before being stuck, I warned them that I needed a butterfly needle (tiny and way better) and I would probably pass out. I started my yoga breathing and was in the middle of telling my jaw to relax when I knew I was going down. Started to boohoo because I just KNEW that meant I was going to fail my test. When I start to “come to” I hear Dr L in the room, and when I finally get my eyes open, the room was FULL of people. I guess it was fun to watch. Dr L said “oh dear, what are we going to do if you need a c-section?”. I gave her a dirty look and said “I won’t need one!” and then quietly added “and if I do, I will pass out and never know about the needles”.

The stress of all this cause my Braxton Hicks to come back with a passion. They were at least every hour, some every 45min. Then the most peculiar thing happened, I received word that I PASSED MY GD TEST!!! I was shocked and amazed. Didn’t take long for the relief of stress to help the Braxton Hicks too! So was it the 30min of walking, the extra 10min or the high protein & low carb meals for 12hrs before? Who cares…something worked!

Just a quick update 29.5wks and doing great. Still walking 1mi every day, hands and feet look normal. Feeling very very blessed right now. Another ultrasound & checkup in 2wks.

See my pre gestational diabetes test diet

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3 Responses to Accidently passing my 1hr Gestational Diabetes test!!!

  1. Lacy says:

    Glad you passed your one hour, I failed it so I had to do the 3 hr. Good thing I like my midwife and got to spend 3 hrs with her!!

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