My Pre Gestational Diabetes Test Diet

I am DETERMINED to pass my 1hr gestational diabetes test tomorrow. So for dinner tonight it was two fried eggs and a quick swallow of 2% HEB Mootopia Milk. If you aren’t familiar with this milk, I used it when I lost 38lbs last year. Double the protein and 45% less sugar than regular milk. Sounds amazing, right? Downside is that it’s not organic. So the rest of the family drinks regular organic milk while I get my protein wherever & whenever I can.


One Today I’ve been reading up on the test and since I’m loving the Dr Brewers diet, I was happy to find some excellent info on that website. I’ve been looking for any tips on passing. “Test results for women on the high-protein Brewer diet and women who eat several snacks between meals tend to be slightly higher than those for mothers who eat only three meals a day.” – This was what I was worried about but this is exactly what I was looking for:
“Women taking the GTT or the one-hour glucose test are advised to take a long walk–from 1 to 3 miles–between ingesting the glucose and having each blood sample drawn, as this will tend to lower the blood sugar levels. And thirdly, the GTT floods the mother and baby with high levels of concentrated glucose. The effects of glucose flooding, particularly after several hours of fasting, are unknown.”
I also found this tidbit of info very interesting:
“How accurate can the GTT be, and how accurate is it? Dr. Edward Pinckney writes in Dissent in Medicine that an excellent test is right at least 97 percent of the time, and any test that is less than 80 percent accurate should not be undertaken until its potential benefits are shown to outweigh its known risks.(30) According to Foster in Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine, 75 percent of clients shown by the GTT to have “impaired glucose tolerance” (a possible tendency for diabetes) never actually develop diabetes.(31) The implication is that positive GTT results are accurate only 25 percent of the time.”

So after a quick post of this info to my new favorite FB group Birthing Multiples Naturally, lots of girls told me that you aren’t allowed to leave the office during the test. So I guess I’ll be making lots of people in the waiting room VERY NERVOUS with my pacing. I will also have 5yr old C with me during this time. This is when the laptop with Beauty and the Beast & snacks will come in handy.

Wish me luck!

You can read all this and more at

To find out the results – Passing my gestational diabetes test

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