27 Weeks with Twins

Updated belly picture – 27wks – measuring 36wks


Well, I went back in for my 27wk appt & ultrasound. If you are using Texas Children’s Women’s Pavilion – here’s a tip. If you just have an OB appt, no biggie, but if you are doing a double hitter in one day – VALET PARK. It’s likely to be cheaper/same price and save your sanity instead of circling the parking garage for 15min looking for a spot to park.

Ultrasound was better this time. Having a good tech makes all the difference. Ask for Delia. I’ll only see her, and I hear I’m not the only one. I heard a rumor that lots of patients will cancel their appt if they don’t get her! She’s really that good. She said I had “pretty placentas”. If that doesn’t make you giggle and put a smile on your face, nothing will. It was confirmed that Baby B “M” does have club feet. I’ll leave it at that because I’m really not ready to talk about it yet. Sizewise Baby A is in the 80% percentile and Baby B is in the 68% percentile. Good amounts of fluid and babies are bopping around in there nicely. Baby A is still considered head down, but looks like he is trying to turn transverse. Baby B is still transverse. I’m still at ultrasounds every 4wks but I’m at every 2wks for appointments with my OB. I have some wonderful POSITIVE NEWS. I had been too chicken to ask Dr L about intermittent monitoring because I was afraid of her answer. She VOLUNTEERED it. I’m dead serious. Now I’m starting to really like this woman. She said that she wanted continuous at “the end” I’m not sure what that means, but I love that she left it vague. I’ll be sure to work that to my advantage. 😉 When I asked my Doula Amanda Durdin about it, she giggled and said “she probably considers 5cm the end”. We are so mean to the doctors behind their backs. I do have to deliver Baby B in the OR. I told her that I was not getting on “that table”. I would stay in my bed because I planned to be upright during B’s birth. I asked about the squat bars that are on the beds and she said she didn’t know how that would work in the OR and I said “we are here to break all the rules”!

I’d like to give a little plug here for the best Facebook group if you want natural childbirth with twins or triplets. Birthing Multiples Naturally has been so good for me. TONS of natural birth stories with multiples. Best collection I’ve see in one place on the internet. Plus great birth plan ideas, what to pack for the hospital, tips on dealing with your doctor and just tons of positive people. They have kept me sane. When I’m awake at 3am, freaking out about something – I’m not the only one! Another tip? Don’t google at 3am.

I hired a second doula. Will be meeting with them both to go over my first draft birth plan after my first baby shower. There are lots of Aussie’s on my favorite FB page, Birthing Multiples Naturally, and they don’t all do baby showers. It’s a little “too American”, seriously? It’s beyond wonderful to have someone throw you a party, make you queen for the day, and feel fabulous as everyone fawns over you & your belly. The best part? Being surrounded by all of these strong women, who support me, and getting to hear their birth stories. Sorry, my outta-the-USA friends, but this is one tradition that you need to get started over there!!!

Feeling pretty good, trying to housetrain three 6mo old puppies doesn’t help. People keep saying “I’ll bet you feel miserable”. Actually, I’m doing pretty good. It’s all in the perception. When I had a 36wk belly with my singleton C, I was miserable. Now I know that this 36wk belly is small compared to what my actual 36wk belly is going to look like. As you can see in my picture, I’m still in heels – although I don’t really consider a wedge to be a heel. Looking good everyday makes me feel better everyday. I hear that at 30wks, your body slows you down, and I’m not ready for that. I feel slow enough already. Add in the random Braxton Hicks multiple times during the day and I move even slower.

Oh, guess what I get to do in 2 days?!? Gestational diabetes test!!! FUN!!! They tried to get me to take it while I was there, but I insisted on taking it first thing in the morning. I’ve heard that you have a better chance of passing it first thing in the morning. They are notorious for failing people who don’t have GD. Even my OB admitted to failing the 1hr test and then passing the miserable 3hr test. Seriously? I have a robot vacuum, but they can’t come up with a reliable GD test?

Now back to our regularly scheduled 1am-heartburn-hiccup-burp-fest.

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