Never really ready

I have to be honest. Life with our daughter C was fantastic. Things were so easy. I didn’t want to mess with things and really didn’t want to go through pregnancy & childbirth again. I had just lost 38lb and was 5lb lighter than when I met my hubby. I was wearing skinny jeans! My business was going great, website had really taken off in the last year and my client base was so much better. My competition was starting to hate me. Things were great!

Then we started hearing it from friends and family – “when are you making C a big sister?”. Then I started hearing it from C herself. “I want a little brother”. Someone made the mistake of telling her that little brothers make messes and break your toys. “I want a little sister” Then my husband started bringing it up. I knew it was what I was supposed to do. I’d been a nanny for years (for twins by the way) and had wanted a large family. I was just spoiled with the one kiddo. So I gave in.

Three months later, when I got that positive pregnancy test – I wasn’t overly thrilled. Nervous, panic, and “what have I done” all raced through my head. I hadn’t quite gotten over all that when we found out it was twins. Now all of the sudden those nerves, panic and “what have I done” were more reasonable feelings! I hadn’t planned on having to fight for the kind of birth I wanted. Not that I’m a stranger to fighting for what I want.

Poor C is the one who is getting TWO little brothers to make messes and break her toys. She’s not quite on board yet either. Hubby is all business about getting things ready, and let’s face it. We know how men are about getting a son – or two!

So it’s almost minivan time. I actually going to enjoy the negotiating. I’m even looking forward to going to trade my darling, brand new Subaru in for a sad minivan, just because I love fighting for a fantastic price on a new car! I used to sell cars, and so salesmen hate me and the managers always offer me a job by the time we leave. I plan to go in with just me and C to negotiate. Men are terrified of a pregnant woman, and twins scares them even more. Add in the Braxton Hicks I get all day, the fact that I know more about the car and bottom line price than they do – and they will be begging me to leave with a great price.  My grandmother says that I like torturing people…that might be possible.

On the plus side, it’s my darling C’s 5th birthday today! She wanted a rainbow birthday and these were the cupcakes. I know, I know – ALL THAT FOOD COLORING!


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