21 Weeks pregnant with Twins

I had wanted to use our previous midwife & birthcenter, until I found out that it was twins. It takes a special kind of person to do a homebirth with twins, and that just isn’t me. I knew that I wanted to deliver the boys at Texas Children’s Hospital, in their brand new Women’s Pavilion. They have midwives there, but I failed to gain a place in their program because they were fully booked. They recommended Dr. L, who is one of the doctors that they work under. I am in her program now, am excited and nervous about the “end” of our relationship. She is supportive of a Non Medicated Natural Childbirth (what I’ll just call “natural” from now on), but loves attempting to entice me into a painless birth with epidurals, planned c-sections, ect. I know it’s easy to be strong about this now, and I’m really counting on my amazing husband and my fabulous doula to help keep me strong in the end. They say the goal is to make it past 36wks. Midwives will tell you that a high protein diet (130-150grams/day) is the key to that. Doctors just say “eat right”, boy am I glad they really focus on nutrition in med school…oh wait, they don’t.

So here is my 21wk pregnant with twins picture, measuring 28wks.

21wks pregnant twins

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