“It’s TWINS”

Our daughter will be 5yrs old in March, baby was due in June. Great timing, for us at least. We had planned to use the same birthing center & midwife we had used for our daughter C.

By the time our 17.5wk appointment rolled around I was so tired of hearing people ask if I was carrying twins. People throw the “T” word around not knowing that it’s a 4 letter word to a pregnant woman. So I was sent for an ultrasound and sure enough, TWINS. Twin boys. It was a shock to say the least. We had just traded our huge Toyota Sequoia in for a smaller Subaru Outback for the better gas mileage just a few months before. We live in an adorable 2 bedroom / 1 bath home, and we had just finished our complete remodel. My husband had gone back to school and still had another year to go. I had planned to take 6mo off from breeding/showing our Chihuahuas and had shuffled dogs around just perfectly. We were NOT anywhere ready for twins.

I spent a lot of time looking for stories of natural childbirth with twins in a hospital. They all started with “we planned on natural but…”. So I started looking for twin homebirth stories, and their are plenty of those. So I guess my reason behind this blog is to document our process and pray it doesn’t just START with “we planned on natural”, but that it ends with “and we got what we wanted”. Wish us luck!

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