Happy Birthday Boys!

It’s official! We’ve survived the first year of twindom! It called for a visit to our favorite photographer Kelly Roth in League City. Let’s just say – my kids like cake!

That is Stretch on the left and Squish on the right. Just a smidge over 20lbs now. Stretch says all kinds of things. “good job, thank you, Momma, Sissa, Dadda, shoe, duck, his own name…” Squish is more of a actions guy. He can take 7 steps without falling and is SO proud of himself.MandECS_17wm MandECS_36wm

We are still nursing. When they were tiny, I swore I’d wean them the second they turned one. We are here, and in no hurry for them to quit any time soon! Such special, quiet moments with such busy little guys.

A conversation with a twin mom of 3yr olds the other day about nursing, brought back a forgotten memory. I told her how I’d made my hubby promise that if I ever asked for formula, in a moment of weakness/exhaustion/crazy, that he had to refuse. My friend said she and her hubby had also had the same conversation. Guess what?  In a moment of weakness/exhaustion/crazy at 3am, I begged him to go buy formula, and he refused. That was our moment, could have been a terrible turning point but we’d prepared for it. We were ready for the weakness/exhaustion/crazy and we beat it! So Mommas who are currently pregnant with twins, have this conversation before it’s too late. You think you are strong enough to make it through the first 12wks of weakness/exhaustion/crazy and still breastfeed? Great, I’d also use this little backup plan. I was so hardcore about BFing because of my guilt over how my little dudes were born. There was NO WAY I WOULD USE FORMULA, but I did ask for it.

Now on to my adorable little men. Want to remember what they used to look like? Houston Newborn Twin Photography

MandECS_46wm MandECS_14wm MandECS_13wmMandECS_10wm

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Houston Lactation Cookies Review

Houston Lactation Cookies

houston lactation cookies review

Here I am just a month away from the boy’s first birthday. We have managed to continue the breastfeeding without needing any formula (or goat’s milk). That said, it hasn’t always been easy and some days I’m still wondering if we’ll make it.

I used to wake up feeling so full, and even though it was uncomfortable, it was reassuring. I haven’t had that full feeling in a while, so I was very curious about lactation cookies.

houston lactation cookies review

One of my fellow twin Mommas has a little bakery out of her house and was excited to try them. Whimsy Sweet Treats has a couple different varieties – White Chocolate Macadamia and the Classic Chocolate Chip Lactation Cookies. My favorite cookie of all time is a chocolate chip oatmeal cookie and since oatmeal is one of the things that help make lactation cookies “Boob Food”, I was all over this one.

After eating these over a couple of days I swear I woke up feeling noticeably fuller. Not uncomfortable, but defiantly fuller! Rebecca from Whimsy Sweet Treats is a talented woman – first she birthed her twins all natural and now providing lactation cookies in Houston to all the lactating mommas!houston lactation cookies review

My only complaint is that it should come with a 1/2 gallon of coconut milk. Ummm, coconut milk and chocolate chip lactation cookies. Seriously a perfect match!

Looking for lactation cookies in Houston? You can find Whimsy Sweet Treats on Facebook


houston lactation cookies review


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Attachment Parenting Twins

If you are looking for attachment parenting twins support groups in Houston, I’m about to hook you up! Now, some Facebook groups aren’t local, AP twins isn’t the norm. It’s certainly harder than with a singleton. The thing to keep in mind about AP is that you can pick and choose what works for your family! We do cloth diapers, babywearing, baby-led weaning, delay/select vaccinations, but we don’t co-sleep and I don’t have a problem with some cry-it-out!

First of all, join your local Moms of Multiples group. Seriously, just do it. If after a year, you don’t learn something helpful – don’t stay on for another year. Plus they have sales where you can buy and sell your baby stuff! Mine is Bay Area Moms of Multiples ( BAMOM )

Local Facebook Groups:
Houston Birth and Pregnancy
Houston Crunchy Moms
Houston Cloth Diapers
Bay Area Babywearing
Greater Bay Area La Leche League
Real Crunchy Parents of Houston
Central Houston Babywearers
Gulf Coast Babywearers

Non Local Facebook Groups
Tandem Babywearing
Tandem Nursing
Naturally Parenting Twins

Am I missing any groups?

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The Twin Cloth Diaper Stash

When my boys were 3mo, I was given 33 giant prefolds. I wasn’t fond of how big it made their little booties, so I started my research. I’m still not sure how we ended up with flats & Flips but I’m so happy we did! We use the prefolds at night, and HAVE NEVER HAD A LEAK! A trip to the Dharma website and some colorful fingers later, all my diapers are no longer plain white. You can see the colorful patterns on my diaper FB page, Vibrant Diapers.

IMG_3450I hadn’t planned to start CDing until they were 6mo old but found that I loved the look of them so much that we were hooked by 4mo.

How many diapers do you need to cloth diaper twins? Here’s the breakdown of what we have:

36 flats – these are our everyday diapers, nice and thin. 12 of these go for $19 on AmazonIMG_4968IMG_4952

12 prefolds – night time diapers and also used to clean up spills & the floor after meals (I have 33 of these, and plan to use them full time when they fit the boys better) 6 of these for for $19 on AmazonIMG_4955IMG_4953

10 Flip covers – on the left in this photo, they have tons of colors and even some prints. These are $15 each here


12 pocket diapers – on the right in this photo, I bring these for when someone other than the hubby or I will be watching the boys. There are lots of brands, but I just bought some cheapy Alva’s from China. They go for about $5/each on Ebay. They aren’t made very well (shocker, right?) but they are great for occasional use! Plus, they have tons of adorable prints.

IMG_4971Is that enough cloth diapers for twins? I wash every 2nd-3rd day and have yet to run out!

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Baby-Led Weaning TWINS!

Well, sort of. I call this the modified baby-led weaning.

So, at 6 months I introduced my boys to avocado. My daughter had loved it immediately, but that was 5 years ago. It was a mess, and as I continued to introduce my boys to non-puree foods over the next month – I began to hate baby-led weaning. Food was a toy, a very messy toy that I had to clean up…with all my spare time!

So we went to purees, and I stopped hating meal time. My boys LOVE to eat, and eat and eat. We still let them try somethings we were eating, as long as it didn’t have too much salt or sugar. The majority of what they ate for the first 2 months didn’t need to be chewed.

This whole process might have been easier if we ate “normal” meals. Here’s the breakdown of our evening. Boys eat at 5pm, daughter at 5:45pm, then she is off to karate. The hubby home at 5:30pm, he drinks a protein shake before he heads to school and I will eat after 7pm, when the boys are down for bed. From the time the boys dinner is over, until their bedtime – they are unhappy campers. Stretch wants to be held the entire time and Squish is all over the place, he’s into everything. Baby-led weaning calls for the family all sitting down together and eating the same thing. Oh how I long for that, but let me tell you – it’s not happening. Any. Time. Soon.

At 8 months they had much better fine motor skills, a better pincer grip. So they eat Cheerios, Mum-Mum crackers (you can buy these on Amazon with Subscribe & Save!) and raisins for snacks. Frozen peas and frozen wild blueberries are good, but messy. They don’t seem to want cheese, and most fruit given *must* be room temp or they just throw it on the floor for the dog. Lucky dog.

Breakfast consists of pretty much the same thing every day now. That predictability makes my life easier. Once a week I make scrambled eggs, but cook them like an omelet. Then I cut it into squares and I can microwave some each day. When I lost weight 2 years ago, I did this so I didn’t have to make eggs every day! They taste just the same and it’s a great time saver. I also serve the eggs with a piece of lightly toasted wheat bread – cut in squares. They get one of each at a time and it cuts down on the mess. Then I feed them Greek yogurt mixed with whatever pureed fruit I have around. This morning was apricot, banana and applesauce together. Then I sprinkled the-most-amazing-and fabulous organic frozen wild blueberries in. They come from Costco and they are so sweet and unlike a regular blueberry. They thaw by the time I’m ready to feed and I like having something for them to chew, even in the yogurt.







These are our fabulous IKEA  highchairs. I love their size – small and their price – $25/each! They also have white colored chairs and I *think* red in the stores, the tray doesn’t come with it – separate box.  No “fabric” to clean and they are small enough to fit in the shower if the need a really good rinse!baby-led weaning twins

UPDATE these have been recalled for “falling babies”. I’m not sure but I’m pretty sure it’s similar to the babies that fell out of Bumbo chairs. How about BUCKLE YOUR CHILDREN, EVERYTIME. IF YOU LEAVE THE ROOM, EXPECT THE WORST. Especially with twins. I hate to sound all doom and gloom but it’s just reality!

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Nursing twins and putting them to bed without help

Since the Hubby is back in school I’m doing the nightly routine alone 2x a week. Dinner, bath, nursing and bed. I’m sure there are lots of ways to do this, but this is what works for me now that they can’t be left alone on the bed.

There are two pillows crammed partly under the bed to support the back of the My Breast Friend pillow. Then two pillows next to where I sit in the shape of a V. The baby who wants to nurse longer lays in the V while I put the first to finish in bed. Then I come back and finish nursing the other. The reason this works is that my boys go down DROWSY BUT AWAKE. I don’t have to try and nurse them to sleep and then get them into bed without waking them.


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Bathing 7mo old twins without help!

So the Hubby is back in school and that leaves me playing single mom twice a week. Thanks to Pinterest (seriously, how what was life like before Pinterest – BORING) I used the laundry basket to keep the babies and their toys contained in the tub.

Where are the pics??? You got it!IMG_4193IMG_4195 IMG_4196 IMG_4236 IMG_4245 IMG_4246 IMG_4247 IMG_4252 IMG_4183Just to give you an idea of the setup outside the tub – this bathroom is long and thin with two rugs. So I placed a towel and clean diaper on each rug – like this:IMG_4234

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